Week in Review Episode 30 - Time for a feedback round.

Week in Review Episode 30 - Time for a feedback round.


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Hello πŸ‘‹πŸ».

Wow, this is already my 30th article of my "Week in Review" series. 30! That's an incredible number for me. I truly enjoy sharing my highlights with you at the end of each week.

I usually pick a theme for the issue each week and share more about it. Be it a tool, a new website, or something similar, the focus is on one topic and I complete the issue with links, videos, and a selection of tweets. The year is coming to an end and I'm preparing for my goals for 2021. For that reason, this week is different.

Today, you guys are my main topic. Your opinion is the focus of this issue. So I ask you to take your time and give me feedback on my Week in Review series. Your feedback will help me set goals for "Week in Review" and see where the journey takes this series. Thank you in advance for all your input!

-> Share your feedback with me πŸ™

One more thing, during the holidays I will be turning down the frequency of the newsletter and articles. There will probably only be one issue left for 2020.

More about that in the next issue.

Enjoy your day.


  • Are you planning to write and publish your own ebook? At one point you'll need to think about the book cover and how to present it. Bruno Raljic shared a tool for that a while ago on LinkedIn called: 3dbook.xyz. It works like a charm.
  • Speaking about ebooks, Florin Pop released his ebook "Ten Ways to Make Money as a Developer" last week! Congratulations my friend! On over 160 pages you will get tips from a professional on how to earn money with blogging, YouTube, freelancing, and other opportunities and build an additional financial pillar. Buy the book now and create your own financial side income.
  • Francesco Ciulla has not only become one of my favorite Twitter friends, whom I hope to invite live for a coffee soon, I also admire his work, dedication, and inventiveness. He created the term Introvertuber and described his journey in a detailed post. Great my friend!
  • I can still remember the first time I saw Earlyname on Product Hunt. In principle, the idea is quickly explained. As soon as a new portal is launched, Earlyname checks if your desired username is still available and informs you. You can then save your username. Great idea. Now I stumbled by chance on the article with the story behind Easyname. It was fun and inspired me to learn more about it.
  • Do you know Mailbrew - the personal daily digest? There's an open-source alternative available called Paisley.
  • Are you creating a product or the next social network? Make sure you take a look at PlatformAbuse.org ("a knowledge source of technological harms and mitigations to guide safer product development") and take their tips and insights into account.
  • A few weeks ago I shared remove.bg with you already. This week I found another tool called Background Remover.
  • Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with discussions in Twitter threads. That is when extensions like Treeverse are useful to me. It visualizes conversations as a tree, basically.
  • Ever heard of the Fair-Code software model?
  • Not one, not ten, no a whopping 50 free resources Marko Denic has gathered for you. From APIs, CSS tools, to Docs, there is something for every web developer. I'm sure there is. Thank you, Marko Denic!

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See you next week - thank you. πŸ‘‹πŸ»


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