15 Games to Play for Your Next Virtual Game Night

15 Games to Play for Your Next Virtual Game Night


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Welcome back to Week in Review series and to a new year full of possibilities. Like many of you, I have set ambitious goals for myself. Among them, more live streaming sessions, focus on my blog and newsletter as well as building my company marqant digital. To that end, I promised you on Twitter to make you a part of my journey.

But that's not the main topic of this issue - not yet. Currently, my co-founders and I are busy laying the basic structures of our company. This includes the final design and implementation of our own website, the setup of tools (ClickUp, Google Workspaces, ...), and communication channels. It is often underestimated how much this matters when starting a business. More about this later.

Austria, like many other countries, is in lockdown. Restaurants are closed, events do not take place and we stay at home. So it happened that the Christmas party of my previous employer also took place online with Zoom. For this evening, I was given the task of finding online multiplayer games. Since we have to throw one or the other party remotely in the foreseeable future, I share the list of online games with you. If you know any other games, please share them with me and the others.

Have fun reading and playing.


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Games for your game night

Among Us

Each group of players is different. One group prefers to play board games, the other wants it tricky and the other again sporty. And so I had to find a variety of games to give my team a wide choice.

Clarify beforehand whether you want to organize a tournament and crown a winner at the end of the evening. After all, you may want to show your friends that you are a Mario Kart superstar. You can record this classically on a piece of paper or create a tournament tree with challonge. So, let's get started.

One of the most popular games right now (and I have played it a few times with friends ) is Among Us (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS). This cross-platform game requires a lot of instinct and skill. As an Imposter, you have to kill one crew member after another without being suspected and thrown out of the spaceship. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting crew members complete task after task.

Do you prefer games with words? Make and place words on the 15x15 board and earn points for creativity and placement of words on the high scoring double letter, double word, triple letter, and triple word squares with Wordfreund (iOS, Android).

You like to draw and love it when others guess what you draw? Then you like these two games. One game is Drawful 2 and the second is skribbl.io. In both, one of the players is presented with a term and must now draw it. The other players try to guess what is being drawn. These two games (especially skribbl.io) were a lot of fun and provided entertainment.

Classic games like Worms (iOS, Android, Playstation), UNO (iOS, Android or Playstation), or Monopoly (iOS, Android, Playstation) should not be missing on the list for community games. If you and your friends have a Nintendo Switch you can also play Mario Kart, Mario Party, or Super Smash Bros.! All of them are lots of fun and entertaining! I can play them all night long. Mario Kart Tour is also available for iOS, Android.

Do you know "Cards against Humanity"? This entertaining game is also available online. My friend Marc Backes built a clone of the game with VueJS and made it available to you on cah.rocks. Can you make your friends laugh and win?

Oh yeah, Man, Don't Get Angry can't be missed either! Rocket League for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or Windows as well as codenames and Exploding Kittens (iOS, Android) are three entertaining games too.

And before I forget it, AuxParty is for listening to music together during the night.

What other games do you have on your list for a successful game night?

  • Nick Bull shared five useful Visual Studio Code extensions a few days ago on Twitter. On the list were Code Time (time recording of your activity in Visual Studio Code), Better Comments (style TODOs, alerts, and other types of comments), and Todo Tree (overview of all todos in the project), and two more. They are all part of my setup now. You can find a list of all my installed extensions on howivscode.com.
  • In the past, I used Chrome's Inspector to find out the hex code of the color. Now I always hear a slurp when I want to determine the color of an element. I use the ColorSlurp tool for that. Sip was brought to my attention in a newsletter I subscribed to. The tool looks great and I'm about to buy it. What about you? Which tool do you use?
  • With an SVG file and a few lines of CSS, you can create a custom text highlighting.
  • Easily set up your own Twitter bot explained by Scott Spence.
  • Tailwind CSS has enjoyed rapid popularity and therefore it is not surprising that there are already some open source copy and paste solutions to quickly get a website up and running. WickedBlocks is just one of them.
  • Although Pratham has since changed his Twitter Header, he has posted a valuable Twitter thread explaining step by step how to create a Glassmorphism effect with CSS or you use glassmorphism.com.
  • TabFS: mount your browser tabs as a filesystem for Chrome
  • I use the paid app Bartender on my MacBook to hide menu bar icons. The app does an amazing job and I am happy with it. If you are looking for an open-source free alternative you might want to test Dozer.

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