Twitter Growth Hack: Get the best performance by publishing when your audience is most engaged.

Twitter Growth Hack: Get the best performance by publishing when your audience is most engaged.

Do you know when your audience is most engaged?


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As you might know from Catalin's "Improve Your Online Presence" and Danny Thompson's "HOW TO GET FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER! How I went from 0 to 30k Followers in 90 Days!" successful Twitter courses already, engagement on Twitter is one of the most important factors for growth. To achieve this engagement there are a couple of ways. For instance, you either interact a lot with your audience, or you post your tweets at the right time.

Both can get you where you want to go. To get a sense of when your audience is most active and engaged, there are several tools. One was recently brought to my attention in one of my Twitter chats the Audience Insights in the Twitter Media Studio.

Audience Insights

Audience Insights Example

As you can see from my example, my audience is more engaged towards the evening. For this reason, I have also timed my tweets for the evening.

What do your audience insights look like? Look at them regularly and take appropriate steps. The best thing about the tool? It's free.


Alternative Tool

Daniel Rotter made me aware of a tool I use a lot but forgot to mention. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

If you cannot access Twitter Audience Insights use the alternative: followerwonk.

Pro Tip πŸ”₯

I have an additional tip for you. So that you don't have to set an alarm clock to send your tweets at the right time, you should use Feed Hive. I've been using Simon HΓΈiberg's solution for a while now. I can schedule my week ahead, prepare tweets, have them retweeted automatically, and more. It's fantastic. You should definitely check it out and include it in your growth strategy.

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