How to extract text from graphics and digital documents in seconds [Week 45/20 in Review]

How to extract text from graphics and digital documents in seconds [Week 45/20 in Review]


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Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป.

Who does not know this, you have a picture in front of you and want to have the text in the picture. In the past, I have often typed the text myself. That was laborious and not efficient. All the more I was happy to find a tool last week that solves this for me.

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"Extract text from graphics and digital documents in seconds" is the promise of Textsniper on their website. I bought the tool, took a closer look, and can say it is fantastic. Now when I have an image, YouTube video, PDFs, or other files in front of me, I get the text extracted and ready to use in seconds. Let me show you how it works with Chris Bongers' profile.

Textsniper in action

It does not work at first go in all cases. Often I had to try it several times to get the desired result. Nevertheless, it is a great software in everything.

--> Get Textsniper now.

๐Ÿ“— Books

I read "We are all Leaders" by Fredrik Arnander and "The Courage To Be Disliked: How to free yourself, change your life and achieve real happiness" by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga. Both are insightful books.

  • hCaptcha: drop-in replacement for reCAPTCHA focused on privacy and better user experience.
  • codementor: Looking for mentorship and freelance projects? Get help from experienced developers around the world in minutes.
  • When I need filler text is use the classic Lorem Ipsum text. But thanks to @dailydevtips I know 15 other Lorem Ipsum generators now.
  • Storybook is such a great tool - I love it. I know I said that multiple times. You may ask yourself, why? Once you completed one of the free guides on I am sure you know why. I especially recommend Design Systems for Developers.
  • At the latest after COVID has changed all our lives in our private and professional environment, many people are looking for digital solutions. Every Scrum-Sprint goes along with a retro at the end. There are tools for this process, too. One of them is GoRetro. It's forever free and does a great job. Which tools do you use in your Scrum process?
  • Recently I had to execute a script from within a node_module. Now I know how to do that, thanks to StackOverflow.
  • 100% free live chat software for your website. It works, it's free and I recommend this app to all my clients.
  • This is the only Typescript Cheatsheet for React you need. It is clear, structured, and provides easy to understand examples.
  • A Complete Guide to CSS Media Queries: there's so much more you can do than just using min-width and max-width, believe me.
  • In one of the last issues I mentioned TLDR This, which can summarize any text. Here is another tool I put on the list with a similar function: SMMRY
  • Did you get an image from your designer and don't know its ratio? Then Aspect Ratio Calculator is for you.

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