Do something .new [Week 36/20 in Review]

Do something .new [Week 36/20 in Review]


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Hello πŸ‘‹πŸ».

Welcome to my "Week in Review" series. Each week I will share what I discovered, learned, and tested with you. Let's take a look at what I got this week.

Last week and this week were crazy from a work perspective. Some great projects went online and accordingly I had a very focused workflow. That's why today's output is a bit shorter. In the next 2 weeks, I will be more off- than online and therefore write less extensive blog posts. But don't worry, after that, I'll be back on track again. Stay tuned. I still think there is something for some of you nevertheless.


In my current day-to-day, I work more in the frontend (ReactJS) than in the backend (NodeJS). Accordingly, I am less in the database world. But I've been interested in this topic for quite some time and I want to work more on it. That's why I asked my Twitter community: How do I get started with Postgres. And promptly I got some exciting answers. Thanks a lot!

Thanks to Sandeep Panda I had an "Aha, this is possible" moment. He showed me how to check JavaScript Errors in the console on your mobile phone without using your computer!

Do you think about starting a blog? Do you have one already? Are you thinking about starting a blog? Do you already have one? Or do you want to take your blog to the next level? Well, then Monica Lent's "17 Link Building Strategies for Developers and Technical Founders" is for sure for you. Thanks for sharing this gold nugget with me, Daniel.

Play the .new word game

The list of top-level domains is almost endless. There are interesting and less interesting ones. One that stands out is .new! If you have seen some of the following examples, you know why I mean that.

The idea behind .new domains is simple. They represent shortcuts for various actions. So you can create a new document on Google Drive in seconds with or spreadsheets with Or do you want to play around with React quickly? Open and you are ready to go. Or TypeScript? That's not all, there are many more .new-Domains. Also for other non-dev topics and apps, e.g. Spotify.

You can also apply to register your own .new-Domain.

πŸ“— Books

I still read "We Are All Leaders: Leadership is not a position, it's a mindset" by Fredrik Arnander. In the last few weeks, I had less time left to read. When do you read during the day? In the morning, or evening? Is it part of your morning routine? Let me know, please.

Jhey Tompkins published his CSS Book "Move Things With CSS" on Gumroad. Are you ready to learn more about CSS?

What are you reading? Share your recommendations in the comments below. πŸ™πŸ»

  • Snowpack is a modern, lightweight toolchain for faster web development.
  • Are you looking for a modern and up to date twitter-api-client?
  • react-intersection-observer tells you when a React component is in the viewport of your browser with the help of the Intersection Observer.
  • I am a huge fan of the digital garden concept. That is actually what I do with my posts. That's why I found the TIL repo exciting, which Daniel Rotter showed me. jbranchaud shares a lot of his TIL moments in a few words.
  • Do you load the right picture for every screen size, or do you just load one for all devices? From a web performance point of view (a separate topic in itself), you should take it to heart to load responsive images suitable for the current screen size. A mobile device does not need the same image (in terms of resolution, file size, ...) as a 49-inch monitor. The implementation is not too complicated. Read more about it in one of many tutorials, like this one from Chris Coyier.
  • I had an "aha" moment recently when it was about why Safari increases the zoom level when focusing on an input field. The learning was: the font was smaller than 16px and the "viewport" tag was missing. TIL.
  • If you are lucky enough and do not need to support Internet Explorer anymore, you might wanna read more about β€œwill-change”. This interesting CSS property lets "the browser know which properties and elements are just about to be manipulated, potentially increasing the performance of that particular operation."
  • hoppscotch: is a great free, fast, and beautiful API request builder
  • The next time you wonder why a React component (re)renders, you should use this nice solution: why-did-you-render. Lukas showed it to me and I'm definitely keeping it in mind
  • Better Twitter Analytics for everyone -
  • Never miss the moment when your package exceeds the specified size limit with the GitHub Action size-limit.
  • Did you know you can create your own Pull To Refresh on your website? If you are planning to create make sure you read Google's Take control of your scroll: customizing pull-to-refresh and overflow effects article.
  • I admit I am a fan of structure and defined processes. So it's not surprising that I really like both the code owners and the pull and issue templates of GitHub, right? The code owners feature allows you to specify contributors who are responsible for various files (.js, .sql, ...) or entire folders (db, client, webpack, ...). Responsible in the sense that they are notified about changes to the defined files in pull requests, or even forced to at least share the review. With pull and issue templates, you can create templates that are used when a new pull request or issue is created. So you can bring a structure into the created issue of for example open-source projects.

🐦 Tweets of the Week

This is it for week 36/2020.

See you next week - thank you. πŸ‘‹πŸ»


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